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Academic Assistance

The 恩大学 Learning Center offers learning assistance such as tutoring, 写作帮助, disabilities services and academic accountability.

The Content Tutor program provides individual tutoring for students requesting assistance in a particular course. The 写作实验室 has generous walk-in hours for face-to-face 写作帮助 as well as an 在线 写作实验室 for students who cannot attend a live tutoring session. Both the subject tutoring and the 写作帮助 are free services to 恩大学 students.

In addition to the 写作实验室 and the Content Tutor program, the 恩大学 Learning Center also offers accommodations and services for students with disabilities that provide equal access to college and college-related activities. Disabilities Services offers support to students diagnosed with specific learning disabilities, students with physical disabilities and those with short-term issues such as broken bones.

最后, the 恩大学 Learning Center offers academic counseling for students who need extra help or guidance to succeed in their coursework. In addition to academic counseling, the Learning Center hires and trains Peer Academic Facilitators to come alongside their fellow students who find themselves in academic difficulties. These services are also free to 恩大学 students.

If you have difficulty accessing material on this site due to a disability, please contact us at websiteaccessibility@皇冠hg会员登录.edu, and we will work with you to provide the information needed.