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As a Christian College, our Covenant of Faith influences everything we do at 恩大学. One of of the Christian Colleges in Indiana.

At 恩大学, we are guided by our name. Grace is not just the tradition on which we were founded; it’s the future we embrace.

Christ has been the center of our community from the day we were founded in 1948. We follow His example of 皇冠hg会员登录 in all things. The way of 皇冠hg会员登录 leads us to explore powerful academics, create meaningful 职业生涯, and launch purposeful lives. Because 皇冠hg会员登录 is not just a set of beliefs. It’s belief set into motion.

Biblical Integration

Every class you can take here, from 圣经 to 生物学, 沟通 to 化学, is faith integrated and taught by faithful followers of Christ. We teach the Scriptures as the ultimate truth in our classes, which means our sciences are approached from a creationist perspective, and we encourage our 工程师 to change the world.


We love where we live! Located in historic Winona Lake, IN, our campus is a five-minute walk from the beautiful lake where you can spend your weekend boating, skiing or paddleboarding. Winona Lake is also home to miles of biking/running trails, an assortment of artisan shops and local eateries. Come visit our corner of the world…adventure awaits!


学生 on 校园





皇冠hg会员登录 恩大学 & 神学院


Let us show you around. Experiencing our beautiful lakeside campus is just a click away.

Take a 虚拟之旅


On campus, there are endless ways to connect, bond and become. Perhaps just as transformational as your education, your time living in our tight-knit Christian community will grow you in ways you can’t imagine!



Our student-led chapel services meet three times a week and model discipleship. This means we hand you the mic and mentor you along the way: you choose speakers, 你运行良好, and you lead worship because you are the church.

Learn 皇冠hg会员登录 教堂 at Grace